Thank You Gift Ideas

Our life is good when we can say "Thank you" and do it rather often. It means we are surrounded by people who are ready to help and we are thankworthy. You may want to thank school teacher for extra trouble teaching of your daughter or son, your neighbor who fed your dog during your weekend away, the nursing staff of the hospital or friend who was there to help in difficult situation. So, here are some Thank You gift ideas depending on whom you want to thank.

  • You want to say Thank you to your work colleague. Such present depends on the work culture, occasion and of course your colleague's preferences. Consider a bottle of good wine, an invitation to drinks after work, stylish desk accessories for the workplace or pack of the favorite beer.
  • You want to say Thank you to your neighbor. Consider the age and gender. Box of Turkish delight, latest best seller novel, box of chocolates, gift for the pet if they have any, home first aid kit, lottery ticket, bottle of scotch or other spirits, scented candles or jar of home made jam will do nicely.
  • You want to say Thank you to the School teacher of your child. If your child is in elementary or primary school, consider stationery, flowers, art supplies, board game, chocolates, photo album, Calligraphy set, book or soaps. If your child is elder than 14, think of gift set of condiments, memory stick, computer or board game, DVDs and CDs, photo frame or Turkish delight.
  • You want to say Thank you to the hospital staff. You can express your gratitude to nursing assistants giving them lottery tickets, a box of cakes/donuts/chocolate, gourmet coffee, herbal teas or flowers would be great gifts.
  • You want to say Thank you to your friends with whom you are staying over for a weekend. If you live in another country or the place famous for the production of something special, you may bring a collection of treats or whatever. Think of champagne, wine, fresh bread, tray of fresh sushi, olives, box of donuts or cakes, big bag of cookies, flowers or tub of gourmet ice cream. For farewell Thank you consider collection of pottery, books or stamps. You can also consider jewelry such as necklaces or stainless steel rings.