Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother is the most important person in our life. She is our angel and protects us through all our life. If you are searching for special gift for your Mum at Mother's Day, here are some pieces of advice for you.
Of course, a postcard, a phone call, a bouquet of flowers with the words of devotion and love will be great presents. But let's think of other variants.

  • If your Mum likes picnics, you may plan one at the scenic spot with all the members of your family and have a nice meal and play soccer or whatever. You may also choose the lunch or dinner at the restaurant or at home where you can cook her favorite meal with your own hands.
  • If your Mum spends almost all the money on the necessities of the family, consider stylish clothes and beauty products. Her favorite mascara, lipstick, foundation, foaming bath oils, bathrobes, nightdresses and even jeans will make her happy.
  • If your Mum has few accessories or jewelry, you can go for gloves, handbag, scarf, wallet, belt, backpack, accessories for mobile phone or umbrella in her favorite colors. Elegant jewelry will make her really happy- consider stylish broach or gold chain, nice bracelet or earrings, mom's necklace or ring.
  • If your Mum is always busy and have little time for fun, consider a night at the theater or movies, a box of her favorite TV series or movies to enjoy at home, a good book, board or card games, iPod or CD player.
  • If your Mum likes garden, plants she desire to have, sharp secateurs, large and small watering can, pruning scissors, shears, yard cart, lawn locker, drip irrigation system or other equipment would be great presents. The avid gardener will be happy to receive mulch and potting mix or fertilizer.
  • If your Mum likes sport, consider gear for her favorite activity. It may be squash racquet, tennis balls and racquet, bowling bag and ball, sport bag, golf accessories, running or cycling singlet, sweat bands for forehead and wrist, surfboard or gym towel.
  • If your Mum is very busy, appliances that will make her life easier would be great presents. Consider waffle maker, new iron, coffee maker or laptop.
  • If your Mum has a passion for creating, consider equipment and supplies for cross stitch, embroidery, pottery, knitting, weaving, painting, silverwork, sculpture or jewelry making.