Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father is a special person in our life. He protects the family, provides material and emotional support to let his children grow strong and find their place in the world. He is mentor and role model and significant block in the formation of children's personality. If you are searching for special gift for your dad at Father's Day, here are some gift ideas for you.

  • If your Dad likes to play or watch sports, consider tickets to the play, DVDs replaying great games, sports gear, sport jewelry, rugby or soccer jersey. You can just spend a day or few ours outside playing with your family in his favorite sport game.
  • If your Dad loves the wheels, consider accessories for his car. Hands-free mobile phone, a new road directory, navigation tool, book of maps or roof racks would be great presents. He will also like vacuuming and washing the car. If he likes cycle, consider bike computer, cycle pants, singlet, halogen lamp or reflective tape.
  • If your Dad likes to relax, consider a box of his favorite movies, a new flat screen TV or a new recliner. If he relaxes through cooking, cookbook, new BBQ tools, home brewing kit, gourmet foods or set of steak knives would be great presents.
  • If your Dad needs tool, consider a screwdriver set, a ladder, a wrench, a torch or a tool box. If he likes gardening, trimming implements, digging implements and other supplies will do nicely.
  • If your Dad likes music, consider DVDs or CDs of his favorite singers, MP3 player, iPod, a visit to the pub with live music or a symphony concert.
  • If your Dad likes to dress for success, consider a new sweater, business shirt and tie, watch, wallet, computer bag or cufflinks.
  • If your Dad has a home computer, consider computer games or things to organize home office such as inbox trays, calendar, desk caddy, stationery and pens.
  • If your Dad likes to spend time with his family, you can plan a day playing golf, a lunch with family and friends in his favorite place or a quiet walk on the beach.

And remember that the best gift for your father would be your love and your time.