Corporate Gift Ideas

You can enhance the image and reinforce the business experience as well as to advertise product or business giving corporate gifts. Such gift will remind the worker or client that the company values them. Here are some ideas of corporate gifts that will bring positive message and that lend to have product or company logo applied.

The best corporate gifts include:
  • Edible gifts. It may be hamper of confectionary, box of chocolates, bottle of good olive oil, cookie jar, pot of cheese or set of spices. Choosing such gifts, make sure your logo is large enough right on the packet opening.
  • Coasters, glassware, mugs, bottle opening tool, ice mug, thermos flask or wine cooler would reflect financial and fun attitude of your company.
  • Coffee or tea. Choose cappuccino cup and saucer set, coffee gift pack, decorative canister of best quality coffee, a tin of quality tea bags, nice tea cup set or espresso machine.
  • Computer accessories. We all know that computers are indispensable and mouse pad, set of blank DVDs or CDs, USB flash disk, SIM card back up or funky mouse would do nicely.
  • Stationery. Consider highlighters, pens, whiteboard markers, pencils, bookmarks, business card case, notepad, notebook, diary, calendar, pen holder, stapler with staples, mobile phone holder, calculator, rechargeable batteries and recharger, paper clip holder and other things with your company logo on them.
  • Travel accessories. Think of travel lock, passport wallet, luggage tag, sewing kit, conference bag, cabin case or computer bag.
  • Car accessories. Mobile phone hands free set, travel binoculars, seat covers, hand held vacuum, air freshener, seat covers, travel coffee mug or fun figure for the dashboard would be nice corporate presents.
  • Sports gear. Fitness and health equipment will reflect your company's concern and sports bag, sports towel, skipping rope, jogging MP3 player, fat meter, stopwatch, cold/hot packs, digital thermometer or first aid kit will be great.
  • Things for entertainment. CD, DVD, theater or cinema tickets will be nice.
  • Accessories for camping and outdoor activities. Consider beach chair, picnic blanket, BBQ set, Swiss army knife, beach igloo, golf and soccer accessories, tennis bag and balls.
  • Games. It may be board game, desktop darts, pack of cards or backgammon.
  • Personal items. Beanie, tie, sports jacket, T-shirt, sun visor, umbrella, shower gel, watch, first aif kit or sunscreen would be good corporate presents.
  • Gifts for home. Consider wall clock, candle holder, desk lamp, tool set, kitchen accessories, toothbrush holder, calendar, books and salad servers with your logo.

Don't forget about dinners in gourmet restaurants and gifts of plasma televisions or computers and laptops, elegant jewelry and accessories in precious metals for special clients.