Inexpensive Gemstones Affordable Choice

Ask any person what he would prefer: to spend a large sum of money on one piece of jewelry or to save a little bit buying the jewelry piece of the almost same beauty but lower price? Of course, we all are searching for not extremely expensive jewelry and even for inexpensive one. But the word "inexpensive" is relative. For some people it means one sum and for others quite another money. But in the world of gems we definitely can find less expensive gems than others yet they will look great. The most expensive gemstones are emeralds, diamonds and rubies. And we'll discuss the less expensive gems for you to choose affordable gemstone jewelry.

  • Peridot. This precious stone is usually pale green in color. It's not as popular as other gems but very beautiful. Peridot is mined in Egypt, Iran and in Easter Europe regions. It is the birthstone for August. Green peridot jewelry looks great in yellow gold and perfectly complements pale skin tones.
  • Garnet. This precious stone is deep blood-red and is mostly mined in Czech Republic, Eastern Europe. It is the birthstone for January. Versatile garnet jewelry looks great in any setting. But sterling silver garnet jewelry is considered the most brilliant. Complementing almost all skin tones, garnet jewelry is perfect choice.
  • Aquamarine. The shades of sea-green and blue-green make beautiful aquamarine jewelry so popular- it reminds us about the beauty of nature and passion of the ocean. This gem is mined in Brazil, Siberia, North America and the Czech Republic. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Yellow and white gold as well as sterling silver aquamarine jewelry looks gorgeous.
  • Citrine. This magnificent gemstone sparkles with the beautiful shades of lemon-yellow. The highly esteemed citrines come from India. Citrine jewelry in yellow gold is the best choice because of gem's warm tones.
  • Jade. This lovely gem is available not only in green but in pink, white and other colors.
  • Quartz. Sterling silver rose quartz jewelry looks great and is perfect for pale tone skin. Smoky quartz jewelry is also of great popularity.

Other inexpensive gemstones are amber, tiger's eye, agate, jasper and turquoise. The mentioned above and here gems are the most popular stones in the world of jewelry with affordable price. The whole list is almost endless and the myriad of gems are available to you in any color you want. Pendants, earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets, charms, cuff links and necklaces with semi-precious gems have always been eye-catching and exquisite pieces of jewelry worn all over the world. Affordable gemstone choice will fit your budget and your desire to have beautiful and elegant jewelry.