Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is one of the longest standing piercing modifications. Cultures around the world have practiced wearing rings and studs through the septum or in the curve of the nostril, between two nostrils at the base. Bird feathers or bones were worn through enlarged septum piercing by deepest Amazon tribes. Ornate gold rings connected with heavy earrings with chains have been worn in the noses of brides in India.

So, there are different types of nose piercing and some of them are more popular and look nice and some may remind tribal outlooks and are rarer. But all types of nose piercing are done with sterile piercing needles, and with the help of a cork. The needle is pushed through and the cork catches its end. And, of course, piercing gun is not for nose piercing (as well as for ear piercing).

Nostril piercing jewelry for fresh piercing is a ring or a stud-style jewelry piece. Nose screws, pins, studs and bones can be worn in nostril piercing.

Septum is the next common placement for nose piercing. The piece of tissue separating two sides of the nose is pierced and a small ring is usually worn in it. For new piercing and people who need to hide piercing U-shaped septum retainer can be worn. One can also wear tusks, barbells and spiked jewelry in septum piercing but such jewelry is recommended for occasional wear only in completely healed piercings.

Bridge piercing is one more type of nose piercing. It is done through the skin on the nose's bridge directly between the eyes. It is also called Earl piercing. Vertical bridge piercing is its surface variation. Bridge piercing is usually pierced with straight barbell or captive bead ring. This piercing is said to be dangerous for health and eyes- it's not true. It's a minor piercing with few risks possible as well as with other facial piercings.

Fresh nose piercings should have stainless surgical steel jewelry or titanium jewelry. (Some people can wear 14k or 18k gold).

Take proper care of fresh nose piercing following the recommendations of the piercer. Use natural soap without perfume or dyes for washing around your nose piercing to avoid irritation. You should also rinse piercing with special solution every day. Don't forget to be careful with your nose and take off and on your clothes very carefully. Avoid tight T-shirts and sweaters and wear shirts and jackets with buttons or zip fastener.

Don't rush to change the jewelry. It may seem that your nose piercing is completely healed on the surface but inside areas might still be healing and require more time to heal totally.