History of the Most Popular Body Piercings

Body piercing is a fashionable trend nowadays but most people know only the way it looks and how cool it is to wear body piercing jewelry. But it's also important to know the history of piercing types, especially if you have it or want to get it. Here is some information about most popular piercings and their history.

925 hoop nasal piercing Nose was thought to set the character of the whole face by Leonardo Da Vinci. And it's not surprising that people decided to attract attention to this prominent feature of the face by piercing. Nose piercing was first recorded about 4,000 years ago in the Middle East and it was mentioned in the Bible. The nomadic Berber and Beja African tribes as well as the Middle East Bedouins followed the practice of nose piercing and the nose ring was given wide by husband at the marriage and the size of their nose ring denoted the family's wealth. In the 16th century nose piercing was brought to India from the Middle East. A ring or a stud is worn in the left nostril by Indians. The left side of the ear is associated with the female reproductive organs and its piercing is supposed to make the childbirth easier in Indian medicine. Hippies brought the tradition of nose piercing to Western world in the late 1960s. Punk movement adopted it as a rebellion of rebellion against conservatism. Nowadays nose piercing has almost become socially acceptable and celebrities, girls and boys, men and women all over the world pierce their noses and wear nose piercing jewelry. There are various types of nose piercing including nostril piercing, bridge piercing and septum piercing.

bikini belly dangling rings Navel piercing has never been recorded in ancient cultures and is considered modern invention. There were several things that had happened before belly piercing appeared. In 1953 Bikini was invented and it revolutionised the live of women. And their clothes became more liberated as well as their life. And after the day when model Christy Turlinton came out at the Fashion show in London with a ring in her navel other celebrities became to pierce the navels and belly button piercing started spreading throughout the world. Women and men find belly piercing a pretty feminine thing, fun and sexy.

ear lobe large gauge tapers Earlobe piercing was the first attempt of body piercing in history. In 1991 the oldest frozen mummified body in the world was found in an Austrian Glacier. And the body had large holes in earlobes. The test showed that the body is over 5,000 years old. There was a belief in many primitive tribes that demons can enter the body through ears and metal in the ear piercing would repel them. There was also a belief among sailors that eyesight would be improved by ear piercing. Earrings were popular among men in the Roman Republic when it grew more effeminate with luxury and wealth. During Elizabethan era most famous men wire gold rings in the ears (Francis Drake, W. Shakespeare and others). Nowadays ear lobe piercing jewelry is available in all imaginable designs, shapes, sizes and materials at earpiercingjewelry.com.