Body Piercing FAQ

Body piercing has become extremely popular lately and numerous local piercing shops and online body piercing jewelry stores offer huge choice of body piercing jewelry in differerent materials, shapes, sizes, styles and types. If you haven't pierced yet but is thinking about it, you may have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about piercing and the answers on them.

Where should I get pierced?- If you have a choice of piercing establishments in your town, you should choose the one that trusted and doesn't use piercing guns. Do some research in the Internet, ask your friends and visit local piercing salons to see if everything is OK there. The shop must look clean- initial jewelry should be sterilized by autoclave, new and sterile needles and gloves should be used for each new piercing. You should feel comfortable there to make your piercing positive experience. Ask what starter jewelry they use- is it titanium or steel? Ask if they have internally threaded piercing jewelry for you (it is more expensive but much better, especially for fresh piercing). Your piercer should be competent and you may ask a portfolio.

Why is it recommended to pierce with sterile needles and not with a piercing gun?- Piercing gun technology is already in the past. It is derived from procedures of cattle's ears tagging. Guns aren't safe for piercing of people. They can't be autoclaved and fully sterilized. Guns just rip jewelry through your skin by force and much more cells will be injured than if you are pierced with a needle. Piercing guns can't make a clear entry hole. Studs used in piercing guns tear your lobe, speaking about ear piercing, and more bodily fluids are displaced by the impact's force. And these fluids fly off landing on the piercing gun that isn't sterilized in between piercings of several customers. Studs for piercing guns are usually of cheap materials and contain nickel. And most people have allergic reactions to nickel. By the way, such studs are hard to clean because they have bends and twists.

How much does body piercing cost?- It depends on the piercing shop, the type of piercing and the starter jewelry. Most piercings start around $20 and the high end is about $80.

Does body piercing hurt?- It depends on the type of piercing you get. Eyebrow piercing is, for example, the least painful and genital piercing and cartilage piercing the most painful. But most people who have experienced piercing, say that it doesn't hurt as much as one expects.

Will I bleed during piercing?- If you don't take aspirin or other medications and you have no clotting disorders, you may have less than a drop of blood for most piercings. But male genital piercing, for example, will bleed and it's normal for it.