Body Piercings

Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is one of the longest standing piercing modifications. Cultures around the world have practiced wearing rings and studs through the septum or in the curve of the nostril, between two nostrils at the base. Bird feathers or bones were worn through enlarged septum piercing by deepest Amazon tribes. Ornate gold rings connected with heavy earrings with chains have been worn in the noses of brides in India.

Body Piercing FAQ

Body piercing has become extremely popular lately and numerous local piercing shops and online body piercing jewelry stores offer huge choice of body piercing jewelry in differerent materials, shapes, sizes, styles and types. If you haven't pierced yet but is thinking about it, you may have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about piercing and the answers on them.

History of Some Types of Body Piercing

Body piercing jewelry is popular fashion trend and more and more people get their body pierced. Of course, there is a big difference between different piercings. Some are old, others are new, some look elegant and other look provocative, some are always seen and others are hidden. But all the piercings have history and it doesn't matter if it is long or short, we'd better know it. Especially if we speak about the piercing we have.

History of the Most Popular Body Piercings

Body piercing is a fashionable trend nowadays but most people know only the way it looks and how cool it is to wear body piercing jewelry. But it's also important to know the history of piercing types, especially if you have it or want to get it. Here is some information about most popular piercings and their history.
Nose was thought to set the character of the whole face by Leonardo Da Vinci. And it's not surprising that people decided to attract attention to this prominent feature of the face by piercing.

Homosexual Relationships and Fashion

The world becomes more and more open to the things that seem unnatural and absurd to some people and quite normal to others and homosexuality is one of such things. More and more men and women wan to show their feelings and love that is natural and real for them but can be misunderstood by other people. There are many talks about the equality of gays and lesbians. Some people in America agree that they have the same right for jobs, housing, protection of law and public accommodations.

Bottom belly button piercing

Why pierce a navel? Almost everyone loves piercing and likes the outlook of pierced navel. The popularity of belly button piercing grows day-by-day and almost every celebrity has her navel pierced. We see pretty pierced navels quite often and sometimes it's difficult to stop looking at sexy pierced belly.

CZ belly rings

In this collection of stylish belly rings you'll find magnificent dangling navel rings and curved belly barbells decorated with sparkling CZ. Cubic Zirconia is a wonderful alternative to diamonds- it has a low price and looks just the same as a diamond. Made in laboratories CZ has the same chemical and physical characteristics of a diamond. It is s durable and radiant synthetic stone widely used by jewelry designers.
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