Sterling Silver Rings

There are two main metals in the world that have been favorite for centuries- gold and silver. The king of all metals is gold. This costly and precious metal has been used for decoration as well as for other purposes and royalties all over the world has huge collections of gold dishware and jewelry. The queen of metals is silver. This fine metal has been more or less available to masses throughout history and has been adorned by people of all ages. The affordable price of silver is one more its advantage.
Nowadays there are various types of jewelry from silver that is popular for casual wear as well as for special occasions and multiple online jewelry stores and local stores offer incredible number of silver pieces for body decoration. And the latest trend in fashion of many countries is wearing silver rings.

sterling silver ring
Women love gemstones- it's not a secret. And sterling silver rings with gems are great gift ideas. It may be amethyst, garnet, ruby, topaz, sapphire or other colourful gem set in high quality silver ring to make your hand shine with beauty and elegance. The nice colour and sheen of silver better suits different gems than other metals and once again- think about the price.
There are so many designs of sterling silver rings that any girl, young woman and woman in age as well as man of any age will definitely find the ring perfectly matching her/his lifestyle, wardrobe and wishes. Animal design rings with snakes, butterflies, cats and spiders are popular. Women have always enjoyed floral design rings and romantic designs like heart, moon and stars, dolphins, etc. Silver wide bands, rings with twist, braids, smooth and woven patterns look really great.
butterfly silver ring

Silver thumb rings for men have a long history. Ancient men wore silver thumb rings that varied in patterns and designs (Celtic design rings depicted their strength) to jewel up. Nowadays men silver rings include scorpion, lion, skull, sign of peace, spider, wolf, zodiac symbol, religious design, etc. And of course, you'll find in any jewelry store plain classic silver ring.
celtic design finger ring
Though sterling silver rings as well as other silver jewelry is cheaper than gold or platinum jewelry, it doesn't mean we shouldn't take care of it. The beautiful shine of silver gets dim with time and with a minimum amount of effort and time you can delay this moment.
Store your sterling silver jewelry clean in a proper acid-free cloth or paper. When it starts to turn blue-black you should get the jewelry polished. You can use home solutions to remove the dirt from silver jewelry. You can do it with a soft brush and a tooth paste. You can put some baking soda in warm water and keep jewelry for few minutes in it.
Sterling silver jewelry has gained its popularity also due to its versatility. The softness of metal allows designers create all imaginable shapes, twists and images. If you like the color and shine of silver, choose sterling silver jewelry for casual wear and you'll really enjoy it.