Platinum Jewelry

Platinum history is rather rich and noble. This very material was first found and used by the ancient Egyptians near three thousand years ago. Several hundred years later, the Incas worked with platinum. However, it was not very popular until one Swedish chemist declared in 1751 that platinum is a noble metal. After that very discovery, King Louis XVI announced that only platinum is the right precious metal for kings. And platinum grew in its popularity and became one of the most preferred metals which were used in the jewelry masterpieces of intelligent aristocrats.

Platinum jewelry is commonly used in various wedding bands because this very metal symbolizes a great strength of the relationship. Platinum is considered to be the finest and rarest precious metal on our earth and it is suitable both for men & women.

If you are looking for a beautiful engagement ring or for a perfect present - we are glad to perform our new collection of platinum jewelry. Platinum is a hypoallergenic material and one of the strongest & extremely durable precious metals for jewelry accessories. Even platinum nose studs (18-22 ga) with or without any decorations don't cause allergic reactions even among people with super-delicate skin!

Moreover, lots famous jewelry designers and manufacturers say that platinum metal is a perfect material for such decorations as diamond & colored stones jewelry because of its quality and durability.

Choose platinum jewelry in our collection and enjoy their beauty & quality!