Homosexual Relationships and Fashion

The world becomes more and more open to the things that seem unnatural and absurd to some people and quite normal to others and homosexuality is one of such things. More and more men and women wan to show their feelings and love that is natural and real for them but can be misunderstood by other people. There are many talks about the equality of gays and lesbians. Some people in America agree that they have the same right for jobs, housing, protection of law and public accommodations. But it doesn't always become real. And there must be enough courage and self-confidence in the person, who tells the whole world that he/she is homosexual. Most homosexual couples are devoted to their family, want to make their places to live and neighborhood better. They honor the law, they volunteering in community charities and are trying to be good citizens.
Various forms of gay marriage have been legal for years. And there have been many people against that though most of their arguments are really weak. Who must define the marriage? They say that marriage is for procreation. And what about people in the age and the heterosexual couples that can't have a child? They say that same-sex couple has no right to raise children and at the same time our society allows the couples of criminals and even murders marry and procreate.

So, we see that there are various arguments against and for the homosexual relationships. And some gay and lesbian couples want to show that it doesn't important for them if society accepts their love and they choose various ways to show it. Jewelry is one of them. There are various traditions concerning gay and lesbian types and designs of jewelry. If we speak about body piercing jewelry, rainbow belly rings are the jewelry for homosexual persons. They are also called rainbow pride navel rigs and are available in various shapes and designs- from reversed rainbow pride belly rings to gold belly sleeper ring with rainbow sapphire gems. In western culture gay men were first to wear ear ring usually in the right ear. And the signal of gay earring has gone out of style with growing popularity of ear piercing. Jewelry with the Venus symbol (the circle and the cross) is popular among lesbians. Gays have some definite traditions of tattoo and piercing- the dominant person does nipple piercing only in the left nipple and makes tattoo on the left arm while a submissive partner wear armbands, piercing and tattoo on the right.

So, special rainbow and other piercing jewelry, rings, necklaces and armbands are the popular codes in the community of gays and lesbians.