History of Some Types of Body Piercing

Body piercing jewelry is popular fashion trend and more and more people get their body pierced. Of course, there is a big difference between different piercings. Some are old, others are new, some look elegant and other look provocative, some are always seen and others are hidden. But all the piercings have history and it doesn't matter if it is long or short, we'd better know it. Especially if we speak about the piercing we have.
lip cbr captive black Lip piercing is widely practiced all over the world. Lip piercing was reserved for males of higher castes among the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. They wore gold labrets with stones and labrets in the shape of serpents. Labrets made of bone, walrus ivory, obsidian, wood and abalone shell were worn by the Inuit peoples of Northern Canada and Alaska and by the Native American of the Pacific North-west. In some cultures it still has religious significance. People from the Dogon tribe of Mali believe that their ancestor spirit "Noomi" created the world weaving thread through her teeth but speech came out instead. smile labret They wear rings in the lips. Labret piercing is stretched to large proportions among the tribes of South America and Central Africa. They insert large clay or wooden plates in the piercing. Pelete is the plate worn in the upper lip of women of the makololo tribe of Malawi. It's done for beauty. The Saras-Dkinjas tribe insert lip plates up to 24cm in both lips. Nowadays lip piercing jewelry is available mostly in small and middle gauge sizes. Labrets in variety of materials, designs, colors and styles are for your disposal.
open mouth tongue barbell Tongue piercing was a part of ritual among ancient Mayas and Aztecs of Central America, Haida, Tliglit and Kwakiutul tribes of the American Northwest. They pierced the tongue to draw blood to the gods and create the state of consciousness so the priest could communicate with them. Nowadays tongue piercing jewelry is worn by many celebrities and mostly teens and young people all over the world. Being shocking and provocative, tongue piercing isn't fully accepted by society.
septumpiercing large barbell Septum piercing was probably the second most common piercing among primitive peoples. It can be stretched and large gauge jewelry can be inserted. Men with large tusks through the septum look horrendous and it was the reason why septum piercing was prevalent among warrior tribes. Thick pure gold rings are still worn in septum by Cuna Indians of Panama. Tibet and Nepal are the places where a special pendant "Bulak" is worn in the septum piercing. Australian aboriginals believed that a flat nose is the most desirable and use long bone or stick to flatten it. Nowadays septum piercing jewelry is relatively rare but not as surprising as it was before.
Enjoy your piercing and find more useful information about it!