Gold Jewelry Information

Gold body jewelry has always been popular all over the world. Local regular jewelry stores and online jewelry stores offer different types of gold and to choose fine karat gold jewelry and make the right decision you'd better know some facts and understand the difference of gold types. There you'll find the answers on the most frequently asked questions about gold.

Karat that is K or k shouldn't be confused with Carat that is Ct that is the weight measurement for gems. Karat is a measurement of the gold's content. Gold is too soft for jewelry in its pure and form and that's why it's mixed with other metals to make gold jewelry less likely to bend and more durable. Gold is available in different colors and the color depends on the metal added to pure gold.

18k gold contains 75% pure gold. 14k gold jewelry contains 58.5% pure gold. There are 41.7% pure gold in 10k gold. And 9k gold contains 37.5% pure gold. 18k gold is more expensive and less popular than 14k and 10k gold body jewelry.

The most common colors of gold are yellow, white and rose. Karat rating isn't influenced by the color of gold. The alloy of definite karats always has the same amount of pure gold in it and only the mixed metal makes the different to the color. White gold jewelry is achieved by mixing silver and palladium with pure gold. And rose gold is made by mixing cooper with pure gold. Yellow gold is an alloy of pure gold and cooper and zinc.

Karat gold is usually hallmarked (stamped) for type indication. And the stamp refers to the gold content, it doesn't indicate the colour.

Fine gold jewelry means that jewelry isn't gold plated. Solid gold jewelry is the same term and 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k gold is solid.

Gold plated jewelry is created with the use of electrolytic process. A thin layer of gold is applied to base metal. Gold plated jewelry looks like solid gold but it will ear off with time. Though for short-time wear it is cheap alternative to solid gold jewelry.

Gold filled jewelry has the same lustre and look and wears as well as solid gold jewelry. A solid layer of gold is bonded with heat and pressure to the base metal (brass, for example).

Hardness of gold depends on the gold's content. 18k gold, for example, is harder than 9k gold.

If you love gold jewelry and want it to remain sparkling and attractive for many years, don't forget to take proper care of it and choose high quality pieces of jewelry to match your wardrobe, your lifestyle and your personality.