Facts About Tanzanite

The world of jewelry is vivid and surprising- there are so many designs and material solutions, combinations of metals and stones, shapes and sizes. Something comes into jewelry fashion and something gets out of it, but there are jewelry pieces that have been popular for thousand of years and remain favorite for most people all over the world. And gemstone jewelry is among this list.
There are many precious and semi-precious stones known to humanity for centuries or for couple of years. And we'd like to speak about one special and unique gem and you may find new and interesting facts for you here. This gemstone is tanzanite. If you are searching for the gift for people born in December, tanzanite jewelry is what you need. (It's official birthstone for December declared by the American Gem Trade Association).

tanzanite jewelry
There is one fact that makes tanzanite really special gem- though most gemstones can be found in several countries, tanzanite is mined only in Tanzania. It makes this lovely gem more precious and exclusive.
Tanzanite possesses strong trichoism properties. It looks a vivid blue (like sapphire) from some angles and appears brownish yellow or purple from other angles. A lilac hue overlaying the blue shade is the feature of the most prized tanzanite.
Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 and it makes it a modern gemstone. And it has gained its popularity so soon. Tanzanite was made popular by Tiffany and Company. It realized the potential of tanzanite and decided to become the main distributor of this gem in the world. Tiffany and Company named the gem after the country it came from. Tanzanite body jewelry is for you if you love Tiffany jewelry production.
After tanzanite stones are mined they are heat-treated to create purple and violet bluish colours.
Tanzanite stones have beautiful mysterious aura with purplish hues and deep blue colour. They look really fabulous and jewelry accented tanzanite is desirable for millions of women all over the world. The prices of tanzanite have grown greatly from 2000 when tanzanite's per carat wholesale price was about 230$. Nowadays it costs several times more but remains widely sold and bought.
"Queen of Kilimanjaro" is one of the most famous large tanzanite stones. It's 242 carats and is set in a tiara and accented with 913 brilliant cut diamonds and 803 brilliant cut tsavorite garnets. And the world's largest faceted tanzanite is 737.81 carats.
Tanzanite stones can crack under sudden temperature changes. If you have tanzanite jewelry in your collection, you should use warm water and soap to clean it.
Enjoy the beauty of tanzanite gemstone jewelry and if you haven't got it yet, make your man think about it!