Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

There is the widest choice of jewelry nowadays and it's not always easy to make a choice when so many beautiful and stylish pieces of jewelry in all imaginable designs, materials, shapes and styles are to your disposal. But there are some jewelry pieces that must be in collection of any woman- sparkling cubic zirconia jewelry. And there are many reasons for it.
Diamonds came to the world's attention in the 1830s and since that time diamond jewelry has been favorite for most women and for some men as well. But the price of diamonds is really high nowadays and not everyone cam afford buying them. And the man has created the version of man-made diamonds that is the most popular on the market nowadays and it is cubic zirconia. This synthetic stone possesses magnificent fire and brilliance similar to the diamond's that makes it so great and popular. Many people choose CZ jewelry over other synthetic diamond jewelry and real diamond jewelry. Why not to wear diamond-like jewelry if only you know that it is CZ and it costs much less than real diamond jewelry? Gold CZ earrings and gold CZ necklaces are the most popular CZ jewelry and they are available in variety of lengths, designs and materials. And sterling silver CZ Studs is also of great popularity.

cz cubic zirconia body jewelry

If you already have or want to buy CZ jewelry, you should know some facts about how to take care and clean it because even for CZ set in silver or gold that is said to be worn without damaging effects every day can be damaged. Remember that body lotions, powder and make-up can cause the shine of CZ jewelry to dull and you'd better put your CZ jewelry on after these products have been used. It requires proper care and regular cleaning to maintain its beauty and you'd better clean is at least once a month or every two weeks.
You'll need soap and water, tongs or pliers, polishing cloth, ultrasonic cleaner, tea kettle and several minutes to make CZ jewelry bright and dazzling. So, polish it with a flannel or cotton cloth with back and forth, straight strokes to remove any surface dust and dirt. Avoid circular motions (it may scratch the surface). Use mild soap and warm water or special cleaning solution. Use a tea kettle, needle-nose pliers or tongs and gloves to steam your jewelry. Be careful to avoid burns. After that you should dry the jewelry using polishing cloth. You may clean CZ jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaner. Store CZ jewelry in a sealable, airtight plastic bag or in a lined jewelry box.
It doesn't take much time but you'll see amazing results and your CZ jewelry will remain sparkling and dazzling for years.