Bottom belly button piercing

Why pierce a navel?

Almost everyone loves piercing and likes the outlook of pierced navel. The popularity of belly button piercing grows day-by-day and almost every celebrity has her navel pierced. We see pretty pierced navels quite often and sometimes it's difficult to stop looking at sexy pierced belly. But when it comes to our own navels we typically get a bit nerved and squeamish. Let's discuss the most important things about navel piercing and make sure that it's a healthy and rather painless procedure.

What are types of navel piercing?

Navel can be pierced at different sides and angles but there are the more common navel piercings such as:

top navel piercing (or upper rim)- it is standard navel piercing;

bottom navel piercing (lower rim)- less widespread type of navel piercing.

What is the difference between top and bottom navel piercing?

Top navel piercing is vertical piercing of the skin at the top of the navel through the interior of the navel. For this type of piercing you should better have the skin directly above the navel plug shaped like an earlobe.

Bottom navel piercing (inverse belly button piercing) is the same thing but going through the lower rim of the navel. The jewelry is threaded through the navel plug hanging below the navel.

Why should I choose the bottom navel piercing?

If you have a flat stomach and have enough skin underneath the navel, bottom navel piercing is perfect for you. And it is the ideal alternative for people who can't have top navel piercing.

How long does it take bottom belly button piercing to heal?

If infected bottom navel piercing can cause more serious problems than top navel piercing and it's crucial to follow all aftercare instructions. You should make sure your navel is properly disinfected before and after the procedure. You should clean your navel piercing at least twice or three times a day with special healing and cleaning solution. And don't touch your new piercing just if you want! Your hands should be cleaned before you touch it during cleaning. Continue cleaning your piercing with solution for at least a month. Of you have crust or dried fluids remove them using the Q-tip. Don't use ointments, hand sanitizers or peroxide. You shouldn't change your jewelry until your navel piercing is absolutely healed. For extended period of time you'd better not wear heavy dangling jewelry. Don't go to hot tubs, pools, lakes and any other places where you have contact with unclean water. Don't use a tanning bed while your piercing is still healing.

What are clothes recommendations for bottom navel piercing?

You'd better wear loose clothes and blouses which allow the piercing to breath. Cotton is the perfect material. It's also the time for you to wear crop tops, bikini bottoms and low jeans. You shouldn't wear tight fitting clothes because it restricts the breathing of your piercing.

What jewelry can I wear in bottom navel piercing?

Typically, curved barbells and captive bead rings are used in bottom belly button piercing. Dangling belly button barbells are also popular. Remember that it's better to wear lightweight jewelry during healing period and later you'd better also avoid long-term wear of heavy jewelry in your bottom belly piercing.

The bottom belly button piercing stories tell us about healthy procedures after which girls get the unique and beautiful navel piercing and enjoy it without any regrets. So, if you like bottom belly piercing and have the belly of required shape for it- just do it! And make your belly eye-catching and stylish!