Amber Jewelry

There is a wide choice of jewelry nowadays and multiple local and online jewelry stores offer variety of jewelry. Gemstone accented jewelry is extremely popular nowadays and we'd like to speak about amber jewelry.
Amber is magnificent gemstone that has featured in human's history and culture since the beginning of time. Amber is the oldest natural substance used for decoration- it's proved by amber ornaments excavated from tombs in Northern Europe that are 13,000 years old. The oldest amber ever discovered dates back to the Upper Carboniferous period and was formed from resin produced by flowering plants.
Amber was used in jewelry and craft work in Roman and Greek cultures. Greek philosopher Theophrastus was first who penned amber and it was in the 4th century B.C. There are lots of myths telling about how amber appeared on the Earth from gods. there is a believe in Asian culture that amber possesses spiritual qualities- it is said to bring spiritual energy to the physical body and helps those who need to feel more connected to the physical world. Amber represents courage and is called the tiger's stone in China. Amber is displayed in so-called "eighth wonder of the world"- in Amber Room in Russian palace of Catherine the Great.
Travellers used amber for protection in their journeys in ancient times. This gemstone is considered protective and is believed to bring luck to its owner. Special power possesses amber with initials of the wearer's or other special markings. Amber is said to enhance memory, strength, decision making and luck. It is also believed to turn negative energy into a positive force and balance aggressive traits of the owner.
And practice proves that people wearing amber jewelry easily overcome depression, their attractive traits and qualities are insured. Being magnetic and sensuous stone amber shouldn't be worn for too long. Amber body jewelry is perfect for people born under the Zodiac signs of Capricorn, Virgo, Leo and Taurus.

amber gemstone earring costume

Amber was widely used by early physicians to treat teething in infants, arthritis and heart problems. Modern faith healers and health practitioners use amber to treat headaches, teeth disorders, bronchial problems, rheumatic pains, glandular swelling of the throat and the lungs. It is also used to treat the common cold and jaundice. Amber improves the functions of liver and kidneys, balances the digestive and endocrine system and relieves stomach pain. Amber can be used as protection from radiation and for detoxification. Amber put in bathwater will help the bather to relax. This gem also benefits the spleen and the bladder.
Amber earrings and amber necklace as well as amber ring or amber bracelet are not just beautiful pieces of jewelry but healing stone jewelry pieces. Other gems also possess healing and mysterious powers, probably that is one of the reasons why gemstone jewelry is so popular.