Body Jewelry

Inexpensive Gemstones Affordable Choice

Ask any person what he would prefer: to spend a large sum of money on one piece of jewelry or to save a little bit buying the jewelry piece of the almost same beauty but lower price? Of course, we all are searching for not extremely expensive jewelry and even for inexpensive one. But the word "inexpensive" is relative. For some people it means one sum and for others quite another money. But in the world of gems we definitely can find less expensive gems than others yet they will look great. The most expensive gemstones are emeralds, diamonds and rubies.

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum history is rather rich and noble. This very material was first found and used by the ancient Egyptians near three thousand years ago. Several hundred years later, the Incas worked with platinum. However, it was not very popular until one Swedish chemist declared in 1751 that platinum is a noble metal. After that very discovery, King Louis XVI announced that only platinum is the right precious metal for kings. And platinum grew in its popularity and became one of the most preferred metals which were used in the jewelry masterpieces of intelligent aristocrats.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

There is the widest choice of jewelry nowadays and it's not always easy to make a choice when so many beautiful and stylish pieces of jewelry in all imaginable designs, materials, shapes and styles are to your disposal. But there are some jewelry pieces that must be in collection of any woman- sparkling cubic zirconia jewelry.
cz cubic zirconia body jewelry

Facts About Tanzanite

The world of jewelry is vivid and surprising- there are so many designs and material solutions, combinations of metals and stones, shapes and sizes. Something comes into jewelry fashion and something gets out of it, but there are jewelry pieces that have been popular for thousand of years and remain favorite for most people all over the world. And gemstone jewelry is among this list.
tanzanite jewelry

Amber Jewelry

There is a wide choice of jewelry nowadays and multiple local and online jewelry stores offer variety of jewelry. Gemstone accented jewelry is extremely popular nowadays and we'd like to speak about amber jewelry.

Sterling Silver Rings

There are two main metals in the world that have been favorite for centuries- gold and silver. The king of all metals is gold. This costly and precious metal has been used for decoration as well as for other purposes and royalties all over the world has huge collections of gold dishware and jewelry. The queen of metals is silver. This fine metal has been more or less available to masses throughout history and has been adorned by people of all ages. The affordable price of silver is one more its advantage.
sterling silver ring

Gold Jewelry Information

Gold body jewelry has always been popular all over the world. Local regular jewelry stores and online jewelry stores offer different types of gold and to choose fine karat gold jewelry and make the right decision you'd better know some facts and understand the difference of gold types. There you'll find the answers on the most frequently asked questions about gold.

History of Some Types of Body Piercing

Body piercing jewelry is popular fashion trend and more and more people get their body pierced. Of course, there is a big difference between different piercings. Some are old, others are new, some look elegant and other look provocative, some are always seen and others are hidden. But all the piercings have history and it doesn't matter if it is long or short, we'd better know it. Especially if we speak about the piercing we have.

Pearl Jewelry

Modern world of fashion offers us new designs and solutions for each season and each year. There have always been examples when popularity of definite jewelry and style has returned again making the trend of, for example, 1990s popular again in 2010s. And pearl jewelry is such an example. Pearls have always been unique gifts of nature that differ greatly from other gemstones. When gems come from the ground, pearls come from mussels or oysters.
Cultured pearl earrings

Homosexual Relationships and Fashion

The world becomes more and more open to the things that seem unnatural and absurd to some people and quite normal to others and homosexuality is one of such things. More and more men and women wan to show their feelings and love that is natural and real for them but can be misunderstood by other people. There are many talks about the equality of gays and lesbians. Some people in America agree that they have the same right for jobs, housing, protection of law and public accommodations.

Bottom belly button piercing

Why pierce a navel? Almost everyone loves piercing and likes the outlook of pierced navel. The popularity of belly button piercing grows day-by-day and almost every celebrity has her navel pierced. We see pretty pierced navels quite often and sometimes it's difficult to stop looking at sexy pierced belly.

CZ belly rings

In this collection of stylish belly rings you'll find magnificent dangling navel rings and curved belly barbells decorated with sparkling CZ. Cubic Zirconia is a wonderful alternative to diamonds- it has a low price and looks just the same as a diamond. Made in laboratories CZ has the same chemical and physical characteristics of a diamond. It is s durable and radiant synthetic stone widely used by jewelry designers.

Tungsten Brushed Bands

Created chiefly for the stronger half of the humanity, these classic and traditional as well as modern and up-to-date, along with unusual and almost unheard-of styled Tungsten Brushed Bands are bound to provide you with comfort of wearing (thanks to its brushed finish), and long period of service (thanks to its exceptional properties).
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